pascal billotet

Activist E (dj, composer, graphic designer).
Pascal Billotet is foremost a dj and electronic music lovers.
Present on the scene since a long time, but far from being confined to gender.
Pascal aprécié diversity and to share in public during his sets (house, minimal, techno).
Founder and resident DJ nights (colored my mind) in the south of France.
Turn in both urban (NICE / LYON / GRENOBLE / AVIGNON / BIARRYTZ / DAX / Nantes / Lille /
MONTPELLIER / BORDEAUX / ANNECY ....), and playing side of distinguished guest as (Ralph /

Since the December 2009 release of his first EP "Birds Dance Ep "and remixed by
(KARACOLI soul / Real Willy / David Prap) on the label Delayed records, Easter has been busy!
Quite the opposite in February 2010 he added to his discography "Open Your Mind EP" remixed, Excuse us less! by Dominik excellent Vaillant (K: Lender records / Berlin).

For the association "ELA" Pascal spell "Borderline"
for a charity compilation (CD & Digital) by various artists.
I wanted to participate actively in the ELA, in order to assist and support families faced with leukodystrophy, and it must enable the development of research. Hoping to put an end to this suffering, this fight is for me a nice show of solidarity.

Also on Delayed records, he signed "Enola ep" remixed by Mr Hounck (Inhabited records / sonotone / Biarritz) and Rezonance Haze (Delayed records / Canada)
Max this very dance floor out in November 2010.

Early 2011, Pascal released a new song "SNOWFLAKE" on the label for a record Impulsive varioux artists titled "Friends ep"
It also enchène d aka AIR BLAST or even as a new album entitled ECLIPSE EP scheduled for the month of May on record with two remixes Delayed / Leo Baroso / Rezone Haze.

New signature on the label Yuko records Ep Maxime Laffon "Blue Nails"
Blue Nails (Pascal Billotet / remix).

Next event on the label (folder Retorica / Bogota / Colombia). Ep "Time to Make"
inclued: Kevin Scherschel rmx / Smootrab / Gianmarco Villari / Dagu.

Max on the other end of the year 2011 with remixes too
First announced as "Divine Ep Family Guy" on the label on the music Substimulanz Bremen / Germany.

New album "That Night Ep" provided on the output Crosstech Label Records / London / Britain (UK).
Inclued: Stefan Braatz rmx / rmx Kevin Scherschel.

New release "Autumn Rain Ep" on the label Apwood / Bremen / Germany with anticipated remix of Ivan Senzel remix

Next Ep Delayed Records "Universal Love Ep" released in mid March 2012.


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